Muthana Abdul Hamid Hamad Al-Obeidi

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Name:                             Muthana Abdul Hamid Hamad Al-Obeidi
Date & Place of Birth:   1972, Ramadi, Iraq
Phone:                            00962 796401976


  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, the University of Baghdad, 1995.
  • Science of Qur’anic Recitations and Tonalities under Professor Abbas Al-Baghdadi at the Iraqi Calligraphers Association, since 1983.

Professional and Artistic Experience:

  • Art Director, Rubicon Group Holding, Amman, Jordan, (2005-present).
  • Working in the field of 3D animation and Arabic calligraphy.
  • Private Instructor in the Arts of Calligraphy and Islamic Ornamentation, Baghdad, Iraq, (1995-2003).
  • Administrative Member, Iraqi Calligraphers Association, (1996-2003).
  • Member, the Association of Iraqi Chemists.
  • Honorary Member, Iraqi Association of Quran Reciters.
  • Member of the Business Division in the Sharjah International Forum, (2010).
  • Jury member of the Islamic Art Forum, Muscat, (2011).
  • Decorated the official State copy of the Holy Qur’an, Iraq, (1998-2000).
  • Corrected and restored the official State copy of the Holy Qur’an, Iraq, (2000).
  • Responsible for the implementation of all the large calligraphy on the walls of the Cabinet of Iraqi Ministers, (2001-2003).
  • Calligraphy for ‘Mushaf Al-Faisal’ at the request of HRH Princess Maha Al-Faisal, (2012-present).


  • Award of Excellence in the Art of Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Ornamentation from the Iraqi Ministry of Religious Affairs and Awqaf, at the Iraqi Calligraphers Association, 1987.
  • Major awards in Baghdad at the first, second and third global festivals.
  • First prize winner of the Thuluth Script at the Fourth International Competition (Hamad Allah Al-Amasi), Istanbul, 1998.
  • Second prize winner of the Thuluth and Naskh Script in the Fourth International Competition, Istanbul, 1998.
  • The Iraqi Innovation Award for Iraqi Art, 1999.
  • Award of the Baghdad School (first place), 2005.
  • Award for Excellence in Arabic Calligraphy from Beneli Sharjah in its third and fourth sessions.
  • Award for Excellence in the First International Forum of Islamic Art, Syria, (2008).
  • Award for Excellence in Arabic Calligraphy from the Dubai International Forum, (2008).
  • The Classical Art Prize from the Sharjah International Forum for Islamic Art, (2009).
  • Award from the Jerusalem Gallery for “The Letters of the Heart”, Dubai, (2009).
  • The Burda Prize for Arabic Calligraphy, Abu Dhabi, (2009).
  • The Okaz Prize for Islamic Art, (2010).
  • Award for Excellence in Arabic Calligraphy from the Doha Forum, (2010).
  • Personal exhibition in Sharjah by special invitation from the Emir of Sharjah, HRH Prince Sultan Al-Qasimi, (2009).
  • Many paintings and publications throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds.

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